WEOLA In-Person Workshops


In 2022 we became ready to open up our work to a larger audience. Accordingly, participation in our online programs and Open Calls grows.

Our in-person living room​ intimate​ retreats got upgraded to a wonderful resort style Biltmore Hotel.​ ​And invitations to visit more places keep coming up​.​

So we are paying attention.​ We are listening.​ We are ​open to receiving inspiration to act on!

The July West Coast workshop is nicely shaping up.​ ​September Midwest one as well.​ ​Two-three early fall in Europe, too.

It is so exciting to be in on the discovery of all of them, and watch them unfold.​ ​We will keep you posted as soon as we know​.​

In the meantime, thank you for being here.

Armand & Kosta

Upcoming WEOLA In-Person Workshop
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Sheila Williams

The Mallison Method Practitioner


"I experienced the Magic of my 1st Weola retreat in August of 2021, which happened to fall on my 50th birthday; I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate. The group felt connected immediately, the event was impeccably organized and the location was Heaven on Earth. Armand and Kosta were perfect hosts and speaking with Weola opened the expansion of my understanding beyond what I had imagined possible. Pure Bliss."


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