A Transformational Question-Answer Dance to Embody Your Full Potential

Welcome to the Free Open Call with WEOLA. This is our gift for you. During these sessions, you will experience a Transformational Question-Answer Dance to Embody Your Full Potential. If you are here, it means you are ready for a transformative energy exchange, not only by receiving the answers to any topic important to you, but also by formulating new questions, allowing the clarity of new desires.

You can ask any questions on any topic important to you, and Weola through Kosta will respond with empowering answers you are ready to hear. The underlying reflection of Weola is that you, and everything else in physicality, are connected to the Oneness of your wider point of view and have access to this God-like perspective where all the answers are created through the asking of your physical focus.

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Liz Hays

Ms. Magic


"Whether you are wanting to just listen in or you are eager to ask a question yourself these broadcasts are expansive. You are gently rocked into your innate knowing. You are free to explore all topics that are interesting to you. The knowledge shared is profound. Expanding from the work of Abraham-Hicks. Kosta has transformed from a student to a teacher seamlessly. WEOLA’s message is new yet universal."

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You are the creator.

You are creating.

You are the creation.



We All Are One: The Essence of Everything That Exists



  • 90 minutes of live Q&A with Weola.
  • 30 minutes of integration Q&A with Armand & Kosta.
  • Ask Weola any questions on any topic important to you.
  • Accessible to everyone.
  • A friendly, open-minded, loving, and empowering community.

Participants who ask questions are never broadcasted in the replay via video or by their name; only their question’s audio is included.

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Conversations with Armand & Kosta

WEOLA also often says, “There is nothing to teach, there is only to recognize what you have within yourself.” If this resonates with you, join our monthly a la carte open livestreams to experience the energy exchange yourself. 

Our desire to include as many of you as possible has inspired us to make these free calls accessible to everyone.

Sending you love,
Armand & Kosta

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