We All Are One 

WEOLA, an acronym for We All Are One, represents a wider perspective that flows when I quiet my mind and step away from my own personal thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and judgments.

This process is often referred to as channeling.

Many describe it as having a conversation with God, Divine, Source, Universe, or Everything That Exists. The underlying message of WEOLA is that all people have access to their God-like perspective as often as they desire.

In conversations, the balance between Self and Divine is often referred to as an eternal Question-Answer Dance that perpetually propels the infiniteness of possibilities.

During our programs, participants open access to new angles from which they can direct thought patterns, previously not dominant within them, and often receive empowerment about their next steps concerning their questions.

We are not a religious group, movement, nor spiritual organization of any kind.

Our intent is to cultivate and offer a conducive atmosphere for self-development and discovery of more satisfying and fulfilled day-to-day life experiences.

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Que Jones

Life Coaching

"WEOLA is a lighthouse, guiding students and teachers alike to the safe harbor of clarity. The pinpoint accuracy and relentless authenticity in every lesson I receive is real-time-relevant and poignant. I literally feel myself reconstituting with every conversation and I love it. There is a fantastic juxtaposition within WEOLA’s guidance that I truly respond to: their knowledge is almost clinically thorough, embedded in a cloud of patience, compassion, and humor!"

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Heather Robinson

Get Accomplished with Heather

"I Love WEOLA. Kosta and Armand and the rest of the group bring such powerful teachings through in each session. I Love the regular energetic upgrades I receive by being part of the regular conversation. WEOLA gave me a whole new depth,  perspective, and language to what I’d already learned which I didn’t think possible. They’re taking what I learned from Abraham to a whole new level and I Love applying these new learnings in my day-to-day life and work."


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