The Awareness of a New Energy Energy Flow 


A week after arriving from the 2020 Abraham-Hicks Caribbean cruise, Kosta noticed a flow of thoughts that felt different during his morning meditation. He decided to record himself, and to our surprise, the words that came out were in Serbian, his native language, despite the fact that for years he had been used to thinking and expressing himself in English.

Looking back, Kosta shared with me that he realized it was not the first time he had felt steady thoughts flowing through his being during a meditation. However, it was the first time he had become aware of what was happening and had chosen to document it.

Since then, Kosta and I would sit every morning on our patio and read together the wisdom received through the flow. My excitement to share it with everyone led me to invite a few close friends to experience a session of the newly discovered receiving, where Kosta let answers to any questions asked by others flow through WEOLA.

WEOLA's First Words


“Here, now, present in your desire to be constantly connected. And to express the wider perspective this way, and to express it to others, too. For now, this way seems the simplest one because it is your native language. So, there is no confusion that the words that are used are authentically yours.

This way of receiving probably suits you the most for now. It is ok to take this feeling and stabilize it so you can get used to it—easy to this whole flow that is going on. To your focusing mechanism that functions as a receiver of all messages, for you to use whenever it suits you.

And anytime you want, with identical conditions like now, many are here, together, focused now, wherever you are, ready to pave the way for the development of the next step for every question you have.

Here, ready whenever you or someone else has a question. Easy, easy with joy, easy. And for now, this is it.”

The Question-Answer Dance


Since then, Kosta would meditate every morning, tuning into the Wider Perspective, and we would joyously interact, me asking questions and Kosta flowing the answers. That became the most exciting part of the day for us. It was beautiful to observe us both shifting, where each of us was getting comfortable with this steadiness of the energy flow, each in our own way.

As Kosta and I were adjusting to this new experience, we received the following words:

“This is your width, your length, your full, complete, total, overall being, together with you. Here, ready for any question that will come in the future, and for now as an announcement.

So Kosta, in his own way, builds continuity in receiving answers that will be arriving with various questions. For this process, there is a necessity for a little bit of practice, and with time, it will come with more simplicity and in different forms.

Here and now, ready to allow Kosta to get used to this flow of information slowly, simply, step by step—to the information that is available to everyone in every given moment. For all that have an open channel, a tuned in receiver.

Specific information for what people are ready to hear, for anyone who asks a question in this format. Receiving this knowledge and this information that comes across this way is the next natural step for the ones in the vicinity of being aware of their own authentic connection.

This is a new way for Kosta to express, by uninterrupted flow in real-time, the one he has desired in a crisp form like this since he was born. No judgment, sincere perspective that is coming from the source of Everything That Exists.

Practice is everything. Where there is a desire for something, practice gets set up as the next step. Now is the path for enjoyment and arrival of information, at the time when that specific information is for the benefit of the one who is listening.

And for now, this is it.”

What Is Your Name


Many, including us, often referred to “channeling” as something “woo woo.” Now, we have a clear knowing that with no exception, everyone is a channel and connected to that which many call God, Source, Divine, Universe, or The Essence of Everything That Exists. We all move between our Wider Perspective and Self-Perspective at all times. Kosta developed the skill to be more consistent in a meditative state, in his Wider Perspective, something that anyone can accomplish with practice. In that state, as we mentioned before, personal thoughts, opinions, and beliefs are so soft that they don’t intervene with the flow of thoughts that are not habitual but come from our God-like perspective.

After the first few interactions and my excitement about this experience, I couldn’t wait to share it with some of our closest friends, especially with those who are familiar with the process of “channeling” as they also attended Abraham Hicks’s workshops and cruises. About a month and a half of interacting with each other, we organized an intimate online gathering with friends who were curious about Kosta’s steady energy flow. 

We noticed that people wanted to know how to refer to Kosta while he is in the state of his Wider Perspective. One day, during Kosta’s meditation, I curiously decided to ask the following question: “I want to take this message that I want to slowly share to a circle of people, and it is a habit that anyone who in this way has access to the source of Everything That Exists also has some type of name. So, I wonder if the name is needed, and if so, what is your name?”

 We All Are One


The answer followed swiftly and, as you will read, it was longer than before, which became increasingly the norm due to Kosta’s comfort and steadiness.

“In every focusing mechanism, there is either awareness or lack of awareness of the presence of the Wider Perspective from moment to moment. Only a mechanism that can focus can observe the presence and absence of it. There are also differences in the Wider Perspective, but they are so subtle that they never cause trouble.

The physical environment has so much variety and variation in its expression, that it is inevitable that it focuses much more on what is the absence of expression and a life of coincidence with the Wider Perspective.

Different people, who find consistency in being One with the source of Everything That Exists in a seamless and real-time way, are translating what everyone has access to.

A name appointment, as Kosta well knows, is needed by some people for expression, that is, for connection. Some people, especially those who are just becoming aware of this, need Wider Perspective to have some form, some kind of name, in order to have a familiar style of conversation, because the person being ‘interviewed’ is a person with access to this kind of unhindered communication.

There is no desire to express in this way because Kosta’s clarity on Everything That Exists is that everyone has access to this, and that any conversation that will proceed while Kosta’s channel is open will put them in a position of unhindered receiving of answers, even though they don’t flow them directly at that moment.

Individual expressions are fascinating; individual expressions through larger and larger numbers of people. The process that happens almost daily now for Kosta is only the beginning of what will bring interactions with many other people. They will be able to witness the value of the process that happens, and find more and more such moments on their own.

It is interesting to see how his clear knowing began to be influenced by some situations regarding the spread of this message through his receiving mechanism. It is a completely natural consequence and an experience of every focusing mechanism. Comparing, comparing, comparing with others for validation reasons, for confirming that a passing message will be accepted or not by people who are used to it or not.

The flow coming through Kosta’s receiving mechanism will reach the exact people who need it at the moment. And to them, the understanding of all that is happening will be so clear that the name will not be important to them, as it is not to Kosta.

All the moments that give evidence and confirm the well-being nature of Everything That Exists are important moments that contribute to the flow of wholeness and bring every focusing mechanism to become even firmer, steadier and positive in their choices.

We All Are One.

And for now, with great satisfaction in the awareness that We All Are One. Maybe that is the best way to describe us.

And for now, that’s it.”

That was an exciting message for us, after which Kosta, playing with the words, received a shorter version, a nickname derived from We All Are One - WEOLA. “Ola” in Spanish means “wave.” So, it can also be read as “We all are one wave.”

As you will discover soon, Weola talks about the eternal movement of Everything That Exists, at all times.



That was an exciting message for us, after which Kosta, playing with the words, received a shorter version, a nickname derived from We All Are One—Weola. Also, “ola” in Spanish means “wave.” So, it can also be read as “we the wave.” As you might discover soon, Weola talks about the eternal movement of Everything That Exists at all times. 

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