We are thrilled to announce that the blueprint of our first book, We All Are One: The Essence of Everything That Exists, is ready and currently is in the process of physically unfolding. The process of writing this book was in a format of a conversation, where Kosta, from his Wider Perspective, flowed the introduction of each chapter, followed by me asking the questions related to each segment and Weola answering them. 

“These materials flowing through Kosta and Armand, as the materials flowing through others, are there as a reminder that you are more than your physical vessel experience. As everything that you get to observe, and is based on the choices you make, based on a variety that you are in, is only the starting point in your creation process.”

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Saturday, July 24th, 2021, 11:11 am in Belgrade, Serbia.

“Here, now, present in this moment, at every moment at all times. Your wider perspective, a different dimension, that which is non-physical, always accessible to you as there is no separation from that which is a physical, uniquely focused aspect of you and that which is the wider perspective.

So much thrill has been coming through in this beautiful dance Kosta and Armand have been having since the original receiving of this flow. So many answers have been seen and realized by those who have been asking questions. And now it is time for that experience to be broadened in a format of a written word.

And so, we will be easy with this process. And we want you to be easy and allow everything that is at this moment available to you. For you to experience this as the starting point, this, being the first publication of many based on the depth of the questions as they arrive in the future during the reflections in a format like this.

This content has been percolating, shaping up, and it's taken the form applicable for this moment in time. 

We will start with the flow of each session and then allow for as many questions as you have. We will go as detailed in each of these segments and allow the questions to take the reflection further. 

Enjoy the ride!”— We All Are One: The Essence of Everything That Exists. 


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