We absolutely love hosting our retreats and spoil everyone during the time we spend together. Every three months, we organize about four in-person retreats, usually two intimate gatherings with a maximum of twelve guests in Miami Beach, and two bigger retreats in different locations. These experiences are transformative as everything you are experiencing during these retreats serves you as the starting point for discovering new layers of awareness and steadiness applied to your day-to-day life.

The general program of all the retreats entails three days of Weola in-person Q&A, gathering with friends, enjoying delicious foods, and having expansive conversations, lots of fun, free time to relax and share with other guests, as well as just be within yourself. 

It is only natural for everyone who attends to make life-long beautiful friends. If you want to know more about our upcoming retreats schedule and more details about each one, please visit the following page.

This wider perspective is not a destination. It is not a location you get to. It is part of every particle there is, therefore part of all of you at all times, making up for the majority of who you are—a unique physical vessel holding a wider perspective for the time of this and every iteration.



We All Are One: The Essence of Everything That Exists



  • 3 x Weola workshops (total 9 hours).
  • 3 x Continental breakfast (generally includes coffee, tea, fresh bakery, charcuterie, and freshly squeezed green juice).
  • 3 x Full multi-course dinner (includes red, white, and sparkling wine).
  • Coffee, tea, water, cookies, snacks, and other refreshments during the workshop breaks.
  • Video recordings of all purchased sessions. 
  • Weola gift bag.




There is nothing more satisfying for us than to be part of peoples’ transformational becoming. The Weola Friendsgiving Retreat that we are hosting to kick off the Holiday Season is set to be celebrated with you on November 25th-26th-27th, 2021. 

This Weola retreat where we host up to 12 guests is a one-of-a-kind intimate setting where everyone has the opportunity to have a conversation with Weola multiple times, which naturally creates a conducive environment for raising your awareness with an opportunity to integrate physically that which you are sensing vibrationally in real-time. 

Due to our specific capacity, if you would like to celebrate Thanksgiving surrounded by loving friends and family, please book your reservation now by clicking the link below.  


Take Me To Weola Friendsgiving Retreat



The Weolantines retreat we are set to host on February 10th-11th-12th, 2022, is a celebration of the expansion of love which always comes back to pointing out our relationship with ourselves and any topic important to us. 

We love this intimate Weola retreat so much where we all naturally get to become life-long friends and reflect on each a different angle of ourselves. Therefore, along with Weola’s workshop where you can have a conversation and ask Weola any questions multiple times, we all get to create a conducive environment that leads us to explore and see more of who we are in our fuller potential. 

Due to our specific capacity, if this resonates with you, please book your reservation now by clicking the link below.  


Take Me To Weolantines Retreat

Steven Hill

Happy Uplifter

The WEOLA Retreat is an experience that I will truly never forget. From the moment I arrived, I felt loved and spoiled by Armand & Kosta. Getting to ask WEOLA any question that I wanted and being able to receive the answer right there in real time was something that I think everyone should experience. I have never had such delicious food before! We had breakfast and dinner each day of the retreat and I cannot wait to get back to try some more of Armand’s fabulous cooking! I met so many wonderful people who have no become my lifelong friends. I look forward to experiencing the WEOLA Retreat again! I love you all SOOO much!




The Weola at The Biltmore Hotel & Resort Coral Gables is set to be celebrated on May 20th-21st-22nd, 2022, and it’s open to a wider range of guests, which is the biggest retreat we have hosted so far. 

We are so thrilled to welcome everyone to this iconic property, rich in history, stunning architecture, lavish service, and surrounded by astonishing nature. The Weola workshops will be held in one of the beautiful auditoriums where guests can ask any questions important to them. Aside from that, we have prepared an amazing program for all of us to get to know each other, indulge in delicious food, and plenty of free time to relax in the pool, the spa, or activate your body through playing tennis or golf among other amenities. 

We are looking forward to immersing with you in an overall abundantly conducive environment. Please book your reservation now by clicking the link below.  


Take Me to Weola at The Biltmore


We host at least four times a month Weola livestreams a la carte in a format of live Q&A—a beautifully balanced way to continue raising your awareness and applying it to your day-today-day life experience.

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