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This is an easy, fun, and efficient way to interact with a variety of content we create while presenting our work.

You can get answers to many of your life or spiritual questions!

Look Within Library contains WEOLA clips organized by categories as well as access to Steady Change Q&A replays, filled with wisdom, practical tips for balanced living, and good vibes.

Each month we add a minimum of 4 hours of stimulating conversations as well as 30-50 WEOLA clips distributed to topics from Mind, Body, Abundance to Life Partner, Success, or Life Balance.

Each topic is a workshop for itself!

Occasionally, we do Live Bonus live streams for library members only.

Enjoy the ride through this transformational content and keep in touch!

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Gina Mallison

 The Queen of Calibration 


"The Look Within Library feels like ABUNDANCE to me. Unlimited access to all, past and future expansive conversations - all set up and ready for me to savor and enjoy the stream of steadiness that flows from WEOLA, any time I want.

I feel such a wonderful connection with everyone who joins each broadcast, even when there’s someone new in the group, there’s that feeling of 'we’re all in this together' - this mutual desire we share to gain more clarity and steadiness in the topics that are important to each of us. No matter who is in the hot seat and no matter what their question is about - I find immense value in the answer and it’s always something I can apply to my own life."

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From this wider perspective, you come into physicality expressing yourself through your body, through your mind, through your emotions into your physical life energies. But you are not the body, the mind, nor your thoughts and emotions.



We All Are One: The Essence of Everything That Exists


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