Look Within Branding Design reflects everything we love to do. It represents in different degrees the processes we apply in all of our projects, from our inspirational livestreams and programs, the retreats we host, the books we write, to our uplifting online publication and our background in professional design and communications—we offer a full branding design program. 

When we say that we translate your essence into form, it is because we are not just visual designers, but have the ability to dive deep and bring out to light the most from each and every individual we collaborate with—we see all of you within. 

With the branding design program, our intention is to give the visual translation of your ideas while expanding your own vision of your becoming. Most of the people we collaborate with are professional uplifters and facilitators of steadiness tools, but we occasionally also engage in other design projects that resonate with us. 

Aside from browsing around all our platforms where you can see everything we created from the design and communication point of view, here are some examples of the projects we have completed. If you love what you see and would like to inquire more about the opportunity to collaborate with us, please write us an email by clicking the link bellow. 

*Kindly note that due to the number of diverse projects we are continually creating and other interests we are involved in, we only take a small number of clients at once.


I Want To Enquire Your Branding Design Services

Karen Berner

Sound Whisperer


Working with Look Within design team for the branding of my website and business has been an absolute joy. Armand's intuitive gift to truly see me for who I am is out of this world. The logo they created for me brought me to tears and depicts my true essence as a being. There is ease and flow when discussing the next steps and projects. Armand has the ability to pull out of me all the information I’ve been wanting to express and didn’t know how to share. He truly sees me at my best potential and inspires me to Be more. I am in appreciation for how they create!

Gina Mallison

The Queen of Calibration


Look Within are a dream team for all things related to branding, design, and copywriting - basically, anything that will be in front of the eyeballs of my audience - they’re the ones I go to for the creation of the vision as well as divine execution. Armand has a skill of connecting with my vision - even when I can’t articulate into words what I’m seeking - he can tap into my essence, then translate it into a form that simply takes my breath away. Their work is truly stunning and I’m so excited to begin my second big project with them.


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