The Business Boost Program is for anyone who wants to positively impact others by including them through your steady example. It consists of a three-week program of 9x1 hour sessions, led by Kosta in combination with Weola’s wisdom, where Kosta offers his perspective of more than 20 years of experience in business operations and management. Through Weola—Kosta’s wider perspective—Kosta created a blended process that will reflect all of the answers you are ready to receive while also integrating your business idea into a fuller physical project.

Due to the popularity of this program and Kosta's timing, booking The Intuitive Business has to be requested by email. 

The body is yours, the mind is yours, the emotions are yours, and the thoughts are yours, but it is not you. You are this wider perspective, this Everything That Exists perspective, expressing yourself through all of these wonderful faculties. 



We All Are One: The Essence of Everything That Exists


  • 9 x 30 min. one-on-one conversations with Weola.
  • Ask any questions you want.
  • Get the clarity you want on any topic important to you.
  • Raise your awarness and your inner steadiness.
  • More ease and bliss in your life experience.
I Want A Fuller Inner Steadiness

Amanda Towne

Breakthrough Mentor 


The words delivered by WEOLA resonate with me on a deep level and I feel the truth and wisdom in the messages.  It is not only about the words that are spoken, but the energy I receive during the private sessions.  These conversations have brought me to new awareness and I know there is more and more and more expansion available.


We share reflections that will raise your awareness.

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