Difference Makers Program

Over the last few years, we have been interacting with many coaches, teachers, healers, and facilitators, who are making a difference and impacting the world. We discovered that our community is filled with people who have an insatiable desire to embody, live and share with the world the clarity and the knowing they are receiving along the way.

And while we continue to share our work with more and more people via open calls, retreats, books and our online content, we have been dedicating our weekly format to the participants that are looking to release their resistance quicker and receive answers that benefit both them and their audiences.

After always satisfying Q&A with WEOLA, we facilitate discussions that go beyond concepts, ideas, and philosophies. Together with participants, we integrate conversations in real-time and by doing that, open up new possibilities for everyone participating. Whether you are just starting to make a difference or want to increase your impact, this is a community to be part of.

The WEOLA Difference Makers is a trimestral program for everyone who is eager to expand their steadiness, uplift or coach others, and be the shining light for a change.

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Priya Patten

Manifestation Coach


"Being part of the WEOLA mastermind group has been a very expansive experience for me. It has allowed me to uplevel my business in so many ways because energetically I was able to expand my capacity to be more inclusive. I wasn't even aware of the limited lens I was operating from prior to the mastermind. I was so sure of my client's avatar but then WEOLA guided me to realize that the more steady I become, I can include more. I no longer think about who my ideal clients are because I'm now aware that all who feel drawn to me are getting exactly what they need from it. I now see the equal value in being both the question and answer for people. Understanding this has enabled me to release any attachment to client results which in turn allows me to serve at a higher level because I can fully operate as a blended being. I highly recommend working with WEOLA for anyone who wants to get out of their own way and make a powerful impact in the world."

Open Enrollment


  •  9 Group Q&A Calls with Weola + Integration with Armand & Kosta
    (Wednesdays from 3 pm - 5 pm EST)
    1. July 20th, 27th.
    2. August 3rd, 17th, 24th, 31st.
    3. September 14th, 21st, 28th.



  • 9 x 120 minutes Live Calls (Includes 60-90 minute Q&A with Weola and Integration with Armand & Kosta).
  • Access to All 2022 Difference Makers Recordings.
  • A friendly, open-minded, expansive, loving, empowering, and mutually supportive community of difference makers.

* Participants who ask questions are never broadcasted in the video replay, only audio is included.

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