Dear new friend,

Welcome to our online space where we present, to our most up-to-date knowing, the essence of our life's work.

As our sense of connection enhances, we discover and then integrate new ways for self-development and spiritual transformation. Then we share it with the World!

We are as authentic and as genuine as they make them. And most of all, we looove to love and are really good at it.

We wholeheartedly invite you to join our community of uplifters and difference makers.

See you soon!

With love,
Armand & Kosta

Meet Armand

The most resonant way I've heard a friend describe me is as "an artistic, creative, burst of love that loves food, hosting and translating the essence of others into verbal and visual expression."

I have a big desire to fully experience my human potential.

And include as many like-minded friends along the way.

I am intuitive and I can sense others.

I design through my intuitive sensistivty.

I write and express through love.

I uplift by feeling good. You will sense that as you navigate through our well-being platform. 

I love living in Miami Beach. And spending time all over the United States, Serbia, and Spain, where I am from.

It is so nice to have you here. Welcome!

With love,

I Want To Be In Touch

Meet Kosta

Attentive, receptive, and open-minded. That sums up the way friends usually see me.

I have a big desire for everyone to discover their inner harmony.

And have fun along the way!

I love dancing and tennis.

I am a yogi.

And a mystic.

I am a channeler of WEOLA, an acronym for We All Are One, which represents the energy flow that I receive when I quiet my mind and step away from my own personal thoughts, opinions, judgments, and beliefs.

You will discover more of it as explore our well-being platform.

I love our South Florida life. And our big families. And a circle of hundreds of best friends.

My heart is full knowing you are here. Welcome!

Love always,


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