Hi there! This is Armand and Kosta—two human beings who are in love with each other and the process of creating our lives. While we have always been individually happy, the enhanced sense of connection inspired by our shared life keeps bringing some of our most thrilling experiences. 

We love being happy, and we also love seeing other people being happy. Since we met, we have always been uplifting people in different unique ways. As we continue to discover new layers of awareness and the balance between our physical reality and that which is beyond our physical senses, we are always thrilled to share transformational tools of self-empowerment with you.

From Kosta’s broader perspective flow of Weola—The Steady Change Method, The Intuitive Business Boost, Inspirational Retreats, our weekly Livestreams, and Look Within the magazine and branding design services—we are loving every moment of creating and continually expanding all of it.

  With love, 
Armand & Kosta



I am an uplifter, a creative designer, a writer, a host, a food aficionado, but beyond all of that, I burst with love and the desire to fully experience my human potential through the awareness and balance of my continual becoming. 

I am behind all creative branding, design, and communication throughout all of our inspirational platforms and events, which has expanded into Look Within branding services, where we translate the essence of a personal brand into physical form. 

Kosta and I also created Look Within Magazine, an online inspirational platform that explores the process of self-empowerment through reflections ranging from different creative and artistic expressions to extraordinary experiences, as well as interviews with inspiring and diverse people in connection to their life experiences. 

We reside in Miami Beach. We love to travel and spend time with our friends and family in the US, Serbia, and Spain, where I lived for many years. Our first book, We All Are One: The Essence of Everything That Exists, is ready to come out later this year.



I am a personal transformation coach, inspirational speaker, and together with Armand, the creator of everything you will discover on this platform. 

Originally from Belgrade, Serbia, I moved to New York City to pursue a professional ballroom dancing and teaching career in my early twenties. Through my accomplishments in the industry, I was recognized for my artistic extraordinary ability, which granted me permanent resident status in the United States.

Being a teacher most of my life, I trained thousands of people in various aspects of skill-building—from movement, communication, business success to self-empowerment. There is nothing more satisfying to me than being a part of someone else's becoming and witnessing their personal growth and development during the process.

In 2020, I recognized and then developed the skill of quieting my mind in such a way that my own thoughts, opinions, and beliefs are not dominant for the time being. The steady flow of positive energy that comes through while I am in a wider perspective is known as Weola, an acronym for We All Are One. This allows anyone who interacts with me in this state to get answers to any questions they might have, activate more confidence within or simply relax by being part of this soothing experience.


We share reflections that will expand your awareness.

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