1-1 With Kosta & WEOLA


 ​Providing undivided attention and directing energy in an intimate setting is one of a kind experience that brings life-changing results to me and my clients.

We interact.​ ​

I recognize tendencies and patterns.​ ​

And sense the root of current energetic wobbles.​ ​

Then I open up pathways for the resolve and releasing of resistance.

They feel and realize their natural state of well-being.

Then we integrate it into new, desired behavior, in real-time.

It's like magic.​ ​As all life is designed to be.

I feel honored to be able to do this work.

Love always,

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Gina Malison

The Mallison Method Creator


"The 1-1 Transformational Program with Kosta was a huge catalyst in the expansion of my business this year. Talking with Kosta during the first part of the calls would give me clarity and confidence in the identification of what is that I was wanting to create and talking with WEOLA during the second half of each call helped soothe me into my knowing of my readiness for it.

Through this program, I’ve been able to launch two wildly successful group coaching programs that were - right out of the gate - in perfect resonance with my desires and continue to unfold and grow in the most satisfying of ways, with participants that are a perfect match to me and what I’m up to. And my private coaching business is booming - I’m fully booked each week and my rates are more than double what they were last year."


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