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Everything is One. You can see that from the moment you get to practice a little bit of unfocusing, of a quieter mind, of the senses not being so active, this wider perspective in which you see that there is no difference from you when it comes to anything you give your attention to, and that everything is really you from a different angle. 



The Essence of Everything That Exists


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These materials flowing through Kosta and Armand, as the materials flowing through others, are there as a reminder that you are more than your physical vessel experience. As everything that you get to observe, and is based on the choices you make, based on a variety that you are in, is only the starting point in your creation process.


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Karen Berner

 The Sound Whisperer


"I have been experiencing beautiful transformations in awareness in my life since attending WEOLA broadcasts and retreats. I now get to move through my life with so much more ease. I get to understand that life is about balance, about experiencing the entire creation process. I would say I have really begun remembering who I really am. I am understanding more and more, with fuller and fuller clarity, that I really Am my broader perspective, experiencing life through the lens of this physical body. Getting to ask questions, and hearing others ask their questions, and receiving the words of wisdom that flow through WEOLA have provided an environment where I can shift old beliefs and habits into new vibrations and frequencies that resonate with so much clarity. I feel so steady in my vibration. So steady in who I am. And I cannot thank Kosta and Armand and the flow of WEOLA enough to fully express the appreciation I feel of the reflections I get to receive, apply, and integrate into my life. Thank you!! I love you!!!"

WEOLA'S Becoming

“You are shinning only confidence of the wholeness of your being—that is upliftment!” - Abraham-Hicks.


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Releasing the clarity of the wanting into discovery is what means being present in the now. It means simply being and experiencing. And therefore even desires and their fulfillment while satisfying, become minuscule comparing to the process of discovery. For as at that moment you really experience what you actually are—and that is the process—an inevitable, eternal process of discovery.



The Essence of Everything That Exists




The Difference Between Instant and Delayed Manifestation.


Full Broadcast Live Q&A for Australia Recorded July 8th, 2021.


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